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TAA Archive

This area of the website is home to various Academy archival materials including lists of past faculty, performers, musers, and TAA award winners, as well as art exhibition visual artists and core class workshops. The site also serves as a repository for TAA program books, newsletters, photos, and videos.

Instructors - Class Sessions - Musers - Performers - Award Winners - Professional Artist Exhibitions

Listing of Instructors and Class Sessions by Year

Listing of Musers by Year

Listing of Performers by Year

Listing of Academy Award Designations and Winners by Year

Listing of Professional Artist Exhibitions by Year

TAA Program Books

2023 Program Book
2022 Program Book
2021 Virtual Program Website
2020 Virtual Program Website
2019 Program Book
2018 Program Book
2017 Program Book
2016 Program Book
2015 Program Book
2014 Program Book
2013 Program Book
2012 Program Book
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1986 Program Book

TAA Daily Newsletters
TAA Student and Teacher Art Exhibition Catalogues & Videos

2023 TAA Student and Teacher Art Exhibition Catalogue

2022 Best of the Best and Connections Exhibitions Video

2022 TAA Student and Teacher Art Exhibitions Catalogue2021 Professional, Student and Teacher Art Exhibitions Video

2020 Professional, Student, Teacher, and Participant Art Exhibitions Videos

2019 TAA Student and Teacher Art Exhibitions Catalogue2018 TAA Student and Teacher Art Exhibitions Catalogue
2017 TAA Student and Teacher Art Exhibitions Catalogue

Photo Galleries
Group Photos
Class Photos
Event Photos
Musing Photos
Performance Photos
Archived Videos

The Tennessee Arts Academy Story

A Video Overview

Inversion Vocal Ensemble - 2017 Thursday Performers

Clips from a Performance in the Harris Arts Center at the Roland Hayes Museum

Boston Brass - 2016 Opening Night Celebration Headliners

Green Hornet Theme

Aaron Lazar - 2015 Bravo Banquet Headliner

Live at 54 Below - Aaron Lazar Sings 'Every Single Day'

Tennessee Arts Academy Muser & Chorale Highlights

Richard Sherman Musing

2012 TAA Performer and Muser

Jourdan Urbach Interview

2012 TAA Rising Artist Performer
Please check back regularly for updates and informaation about the 2021 Tennessee Arts Academy.