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VIP Bravo Society

When you, your business, or your organization partner with the Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation by electing to be an exclusive member of the VIP Bravo Society, you are supporting arts teachers in your local community and promoting and honoring the role of the arts in the lives of all Tennesseans.

Exclusive VIP Bravo Society Membership Opportunity

VIP Bravo Society
“Honoring Tennessee Arts Teachers”

As a member of the VIP Bravo Society, you receive exclusive VIP privileges to attend the annual Bravo! Academy Awards Banquet and Performance. The event is the highlight of the Arts Academy week. More than 500 TAA participants and special guests are treated to an elegant appreciation dinner. After the meal, a major figure in the arts world is recognized and honored by TAA. To round out the evening, attendees are treated to a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to see, hear and meet a nationally/globally acclaimed artist in concert.

VIP Bravo Society Membership PackagesExclusive Memberships Available

All VIP Bravo Society Membership Levels Receive These Benefits:

PLUS… Each VIP Bravo Society Membership Level Receives These Additional Benefits:

$1,000 – Featured Player Level
Additional Benefits:

$1,500 – Star Level
Additional Benefits:

$2,500 – Super Star Level**
Additional Benefits:

$5,000 – Mega Star Level**
Additional Benefits:

**Super Star and Mega Star Level Members have the option to fill their Bravo Banquet table with their own guests or allow the Academy to fill the table with teacher-participants.


Bravo! Tennessee Arts Academy Awards Banquet and Performance
Individual Ticket Sales

For single ticket purchases to the Bravo! Tennessee Arts Academy Awards Banquet and Performance, please click here to learn more about the event and to purchase your tickets. For further information, please contact the TAA office by telephone at 615-460-5451 or by email at taa@belmont.edu.

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