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TAA Alumni Association

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Tennessee Arts Academy Alumni Association
The TAA Alumni Association is open to all graduates, faculty, supporters, and friends of the Academy. The TAA Alumni Association Executive Committee oversees the Alumni Association. The committee officers include a president and four regional representatives who hail from different state geographic areas and who represent various arts content areas. The officers plan programs to keep members involved in Academy activities.

The current Alumni Association President and Regional Representatives include:
President: Kami Lunsford - Middle School Choral Music (Knoxville, TN)
East Tennessee Regional Representative: Emily McEneely - Elementary Visual Art (Maryville, TN)
Middle Tennessee Regional Representative: Michelle Tripp - High School Theatre (Franklin, TN)
West Tennessee Regional Representative: William Bodley - Middle School Instrumental Music (Memphis, TN)
Member at Large Representative: Kiera Crite - Elementary Music (Franklin, TN)

Member Benefits Include:


Select from one of these five different giving levels below for direct donation:

Please select the graduation level you desire. Please be generous. All donations help assist the Academy in its work to provide Tennessee arts teachers with the highest quality curriculum, unparalleled instruction, community and renewal opportunities. New alumni members receive a TAA Alumni Association membership lapel pin. Renewing members receive a TAA gift item of their choice. A gift selection form will be sent to you. If you have additional questions or need additional information, please contact the TAA office by email (taa@belmont.edu) or by phone (615-460-5451).

2023-2024 Alumni Association Members

Dianne Evans
Patricia A. Hudson

Stephanie Bastin
James R. Holcomb
Libby and Shane Lynch
Paula Medlin
Ron and Karen Meers

Summa Cum Laude
Linda Anderson
Suzanne Binkley
Joshua Bolling
Madeline Bridges
David Chambers
Cavit Cheshier
Charlene Cook
Bobby Jean Frost
Joe Giles
Jesse Goins
Jennifer Gray
Rebecca Greasby
Kem Hinton
Terri King
Jerry Monds
Karen Mueller
Pollyanna Parker
Susan Ramsay
Linda and Ron Sklar

Magna Cum Laude 
Domenic Andolina
Jessica Armstrong
J.R. Baker
Earl DeLong
Renée Embry
EJ Ford
Amanda Galbraith
Michelle Howell
Kristy Hunter
Christopher Jarrell
Connie Marley
Lea Marshall
Key McKinney
Stella McKnight
Bobbilyn Negrón
Janis Nunnally
Amanda Pigg
Tara Polson
Wendy Skinner
Anne Snider
Raymond Stanley
Paula Threlkeld
Michelle Tripp
Stephanie Winters

Cum Laude
Kathleen Alley
Chelsea Antcliff
Tina Atkinson
Samantha Avery

William Bodley
McCall Bohanan
Sharon Burchett
Lauri-Kaye Burns
Allison Bush
Carol Byrnes
Victoria Capps
Kimberly Carlisle
Kell Christie
Nicole Church
Malika Collins
Sherry Cooley
Kiera Crite
Howard Dale
Karen Dean
Emily Dickens
Angela Dittmar
Lindsay Duggin
Heather Duncan
Michael Eggers
Donald Fann
Lisa Fernandez-Mitchell
Tammy Fisher
Elizabeth Ann Gaskill
David Goloversic
Alison Greenhouse
Morris Hamby III
Mary Harlin
Julie Harrington
Westley Harris
Diane Helton

Atticus Hensley
Melissa Hinds
Angela Hix
Carter Hoffman
Melissa Hogue
Allison Isom
Stephanie Jarnagin
Matthew Johnson
Robbin Johnston
Mary Knight
Cody Langford
William LaRue
Jillian Ledford
Kelly Lindsey
Abbey Logan
Kathryn Long
Kami Lunsford
Shauna Mason
Victoria May
Christina McAlexander
Amber McClane
Pamela McCoy
Emily McEneely
Kathy McMillan
Elizabeth Miller
Courtney Minton
Brad Mitchell
Jill Mitchell
Mary Margaret Moore
Monica O’Neill
Sandra Page

Laura Parker
Betsy Penn
Eliza“Beth” Perthel
Rheatta Petty
Isormari Pozo
Clint Randolph
Deena Reed
David Reynolds
McKenzie Robinette
Monica Sánchez
Lori Santos
Marsha Scarbrough
Jessica Schaus
Kimberly Shamblin
Ginny Shockley
Zach Shockley
Jason Simmons
Greg Sims
Christy Sirasombath
Christi Skinner
Julianna Smith
Liz Smith
Rebecca Smith
Ken Snyder
Camille Barton Spires
Benjamin Spurlock
Christopher Staples
Christy Steagall
Kaleb Stone
Chris Strelecki
Christopher Taylor

Karen Joy Thomas
Christine Thorne
Marissa Toothman
Paula Turner
Christa Vogt
Sandi Walden
Kim Warnette
Christi Watson
Julie Reinbold Watson
Robin Webb
Michael Weger
Lacy Welker
Kenneth White
Pam Wilensky
Joyclyn Wilson
Lori Wortman

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