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Academic Credit

The Tennessee Arts Academy, through Belmont University, offers the option to receive both graduate and undergraduate level credit for registered educators who fully participate in the Academy week. Additional fees apply and are payable directly to Belmont University.

Academic Credit Options

Options of two (2) or three (3) hours of undergraduate credit, or one (1) or two (2) hours of graduate credit through Belmont are available to TAA/AAA participants (i.e., to teachers who apply to TAA/AAA, are accepted by TAA/AAA, who submit all required materials/fees, and who participate fully in the full Academy week).  

Courses available through Belmont include: “Special Studies in Art,” “Special Studies in Drama/Theatre,” and “Special Studies in Music.”

Cost for Academic credit through Belmont University is in addition to the Arts Academy registration fee and any other Academy costs.

Detailed information about credit (including cost, process for registration, course requirements, etc.) is available by clicking on this link: 


(Please note that once you click on this site you will betaken away from the TAA website)

Professional Licensure Credit
All teachers who participate in the full Academy experience receive a certificate indicating they have been awarded 36 Tennessee PDPs (professional development points) toward renewal or advancement of their teaching license. NOTE: Each school system in the state has the option to determine what PDPs they accept. The vast majority of school systems in Tennessee have historically accepted the PDPs offered by TAA. Also know that it is not necessary to register for Academic Credit through Belmont University to obtain this licensure credit.

TASL Credit
Tennessee principals and supervisors may earn the maximum allowable hours of TASL credit by attending all sessions of the Academy. [NOTE: It is not necessary to register for Academic Credit through Belmont University to obtain this licensure credit.]

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