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Theatre and Dance Sessions

The two theatre and dance areas of the Tennessee Arts Academy combine practical and creative elements to expand the teacher's ability to interpret curriculum in exciting new ways. Instructors from around the country use their expertise to help TAA participants enhance their skills and renew their enthusiasm for teaching. In addition to the theatre and dance sessions, all participants attend performances, musings, interludes, and special events, with plenty of time built in for networking and reflection.

Tennessee Arts Academy 2022 Theatre Core Classes
Elementary/Lower Middle Theatre
Focus Area: Arts Integration, Creative Drama and Movement
Arts Integration, Creative Drama, and Movement is the focus area for the K – 6 elementary/lower middle theatre sessions. Each day participants will take classes in three areas of study that are especially designed for classroom generalist teachers, librarians, special education, physical education and gifted teachers. Arts Integration will help facilitate the learning process in traditional subject areas. Creative drama will focus on improvisational and non-performance aspects of theatre. A final daily class in movement and dance will be offered. All elementary theatre participants will attend all three classes.

Daily Core Classes

Every day, participants will attend each of the classes listed below.
Activating Dialogue and Encouraging Engagement
Faith Hillis
This participatory workshop is an opportunity for educators to gather in community to explore the power of learning in and through the arts. Together, the instructor and group will explore active and creative teaching methodologies and strategies that are designed to foster personal expression and creative thinking in the classroom.
Make Drama Count! Embodying Math and Science Curriculum
Kendra Kahl
In drama-based learning, students pursue their curiosities and use embodied engagement to explore possibilities. This participatory workshop will offer practical lessons, activities, and techniques for infusing creative drama into the math and science curriculum.
Moving Connections: Facilitating Embodied Learning in the Elementary Classroom
Mila Parrish
Curricular-based creative movement is a highly effective tool for enhancing student motivation and improving academic outcomes in all curriculum areas. In this session, attendees will engage in collaborative projects and group activities that enable them to connect through movement and embody a shared movement language. Through demonstration and hands-on participatory dance language, participants will also explore how movement can be used to express educational concepts, support student voices, and emphasize interdisciplinary instruction.
Upper Middle/Secondary Theatre
The upper middle/secondary theatre sessions (7 – 12) include unique sessions each year in at least three of the following areas: acting, directing, improvisation, criticism, movement, playwriting and technical theatre. Instructors from around the country provide stimulating class sessions that reflect a mix of stage and performance techniques coupled with current trends and the latest research in arts education.

Daily Core Classes

Every day, participants will attend each of the classes listed below.
"Hey, Let’s!": Consent in the Theatre Classroom
Colleen Hughes
In this course, participants will learn what it means to craft consent-forward content for their kindergarten through twelfth-grade drama classrooms. The session will explore practical tools, along with a range of games and exercises, to foster a strong pedagogical understanding of consent-forward practices and how they can be incorporated into existing lesson plans.
Podcasts, Radio, and Video, Oh My!: Expanding Your Classroom through Digital Storytelling
Marcelo Tesón
In this session, Marcelo Tesón will lead an in-depth exploration of the ways digital storytelling can play a role in theatre class, including behind-the-scenes documentation, character creation and storytelling tools, and team building. This workshop will also give participants the tools to record, edit, and publish audio or video stories, which will extend the impact of work beyond the stage. Digital storytelling can inspire memorable moments and impactful pieces while also helping young people build relationships.
Outside In: Performing Emotions Through Rasaboxes
Daniel Bird Tobin
Using movement and the body, Rasaboxes allow performers, directors, and all artists to explore emotions and character from a different perspective than the Stanislavskian approach. In these introductory sessions, Daniel Bird Tobin will share a sequence of exercises that will help students of all ages to quickly build emotionally-rich and physically-alive performances.
Please check back regularly for updates and information about the 2022 Tennessee Arts Academy.