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Sponsorship Opportunities

The Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation encourages individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and organizations to consider one of the many TAA  sponsorship opportunities listed below.

How to Become a TAA Sponsor

Becoming a TAA sponsor is an outstanding way to support the critical work performed at the Academy each summer. Besides providing you with increased visibility, your charitable gift will help enhance your own recognition as both an arts advocate and a supporter of arts education training.

The Tennessee Arts Academy offers a range of support opportunities. Look for an event or program that you find exciting and that matches your financial resources:

• Content Area Sponsorships

$25,000 each/4 available

• Opening Night “Overture” Celebration


• Opening Night Young Artist Performance


• Bravo! Banquet

$10,000 (SOLD!)

• Bravo! Celebrity Performance

$15,000 (SOLD!)

• Bravo! Banquet & Performance Package

$25,000 (SOLD!)

• VIP Bravo! Post-Performance Reception


• “Muser” Speakers

$4,000 $5,000 each

         Muser” Speake -r Entire Series


• Daily Artist Performance Series

$1,000 - $5,000 each

• TAA Art Exhibitions

$2,500 - $5,000

           All Art Exhibitions


• Faculty Sponsorships

$2,500 each / 20 available

• TAAF Participant Scholarships

$1,500 each

• Finale Farewell Luncheon


• Meal Sponsorships:

Breakfasts: $1,500 each
Lunches: $2,000 each

• Daily Breaks

$500 each

• Daily Newsletter

$250 each

To learn about Special Event Opportunities and In-Kind and Product donations, please contact the TAA office by email (taa@belmont.edu) or by phone (615-460-5451) for further information.

For additional information and pricing, please click on either the online or downloadable Sponsorship Donor Form below. Instructions are on the forms. The downloadable form can be e-mailed, mailed, or faxed to the TAA office once you have decided on a contribution area.

Feel free to call the Academy office at (615) 460-5451 and ask to speak to Frank Bluestein or e-mail us at taa@belmont.edu if you would like to discuss your participation in this program.

We encourage you to consider becoming a Tennessee Arts Academy sponsor. The generous support provided through our sponsorship program helps the Academy maintain the highest standard of quality throughout all of our sessions.

All gifts to the Tennessee Arts Academy are tax deductible to the full extent the law allows.

Tennessee Arts Academy • Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation
615-460-5451 • 1900 Belmont Blvd. • Nashville, TN 37212 • taa@belmont.edu