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Visual Art Sessions

The two visual art areas of the Tennessee Arts Academy explores art from the perspective of production, history, criticism, and aesthetics.  Instructors, whose work has influenced current educational practice and theory, come from around the country to provide stimulating and practical instruction. In addition to the visual art sessions, all participants attend performances, musings, special events and other activities, with plenty of time built in for networking and reflection.

Tennessee Arts Academy 2024 Visual Art Core Classes
Elementary/Lower Middle Visual Art
Focus Areas: Arts Integration, Creative Drama, and Movement
Arts Integration, Creative Drama, and Movement is the focus area for the K – 6 elementary/lower middle theatre sessions. Each day participants will take classes in three areas of study that are especially designed for classroom generalist teachers, librarians, special education, physical education and gifted teachers. Arts Integration will help facilitate the learning process in traditional subject areas. Creative drama will focus on improvisational and non-performance aspects of theatre. A final daily class in movement and dance will be offered. All elementary theatre participants will attend all three classes.

Daily Core Classes

Participants will attend each workshop listed below for two consecutive days and a summary workshop for both sessions on Friday morning.
Illustrating and Animating in the Classroom
Larissa Brown
Educators in these sessions will be introduced to the basics of illustration and animation and will learn ways to incorporate these techniques into their curriculum.
Print, Press, and Play!
Amanda O'Shaughnessy
This hands-on workshop series will offer elementary art educators the opportunity to explore various forms of accessible printmaking, including the basics and fresh twists on classic methods. Participants will hear tips and tricks for facilitating gel printing in the classroom, purchasing and managing supplies, and fostering student autonomy and individual exploration through the process. In addition, participants will also become inspired through painting, weaving, and other projects that foster creativity in the art room.
Upper Middle/Secondary Visual Art
The upper middle/secondary theatre sessions (7 – 12) include unique sessions each year in at least three of the following areas: acting, directing, improvisation, criticism, movement, playwriting and technical theatre. Instructors from around the country provide stimulating class sessions that reflect a mix of stage and performance techniques coupled with current trends and the latest research in arts education.

Daily Core Classes

Participants will attend each workshop listed below for two consecutive days and a summary workshop for both sessions on Friday morning.
MonoPrinting On the Gel Plate
Robyn McClendon
In this course we will explore the old art technique of mono printing and use it to capture amazing details of flora and fauna on paper. Participants will learn how to create beautiful images with acrylic paints and inks using many techniques included in the newly released book Gel Plate Printing for Mixed Media Art. Later these images will be bound together using cardboard to create a beautiful and highly functional book. This book does not require sewing but utilizes tying and knotting string to create a flat object whose pages turn with the ease of a traditional book.
Teaching As an Inquiry-based Interaction
David Tamori
David Tamori believes that we exist to be creators. He approaches teaching as an inquiry-based interaction with students using material, processes, and ideas over time. In these sessions, Tamori and TAA participants will investigate using the arts to help students learn to accept themselves and gain confidence in their creative abilities. Participants will create hand-built ceramic rain sticks and then make a small sketchbook with personal sculptural images and symbols to decorate the outside surface of the rain stick. Ideas will be generated from Native American spirit cards and the Signs of Life psychology. While clay is drying, participants will experiment with various surfaces and materials that are readily available and affordable for any art classroom.
Please check back regularly for updates and information about the 2024 Tennessee Arts Academy.