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Arts Academy America

Arts Academy America was created in order to provide space for educators who desire to attend the Tennessee Arts Academy who live outside Tennessee’s borders. Arts Academy America is the same program as the Tennessee Arts Academy, just with a different name to help accommodate the many out-of-state participants who wish to attend.

Arts Academy America

In 2002, in response to many inquiries, the Tennessee Arts Academy expanded to include teachers from outside Tennessee as well as university professors.

Arts Academy America is the name given to the national component of the Academy. TAA and AAA are thoroughly integrated in day-to-day operations. Teachers from any K-12 public or private school or any university (both in and out of state) may apply to attend the Academy through Arts Academy America. Since 2002, we have welcomed participants from many states including California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Texas. Participants have also come from Canada and even overseas.

If you have an interest in attending the Academy sessions, please complete the online registration form found on this website or feel free to write for more information to: taa@belmont.edu.

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