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TAA Program Ads

The TAA program book is published annually in conjunction with the Tennessee Arts Academy summer session. It contains a dedicated section devoted to advertisers whose products and services closely align with the interests of the arts educators who attend the Academy. Please read below to find out how you can be involved.

TAA Program Book and Advertisment Opportunities

The TAA Program Book is published each year and distributed to more than 500 Academy teacher-participants, faculty, staff, and visitors free of charge. It is additionally sent throughout the year to other arts interested individuals and organizations.

Participants who attend the Academy come from all regions of the state with several coming from outside Tennessee. Music, theatre and dance, and visual art educators are represented as well as school administrators. Once the Academy concludes, the TAA Program Book is used as a promotional tool and is distributed to other arts teachers, administrators and school systems throughout the state.

Ad Size, Copy, and Payment Information

Ad Sizes
Advertisements in the program book are available in color (or black and white if preferred) in full, half, or quarter page sizes as outlined below:

Full Cover Page:  8” x 10.5” *                   $500
Full Page 8” x 10.5”                                   $395
Half Page:  8” x 5.25” (horizontal)            $270
Quarter Page:  4” x 5.25”                          $165

*(Cover pages include the inside front cover, the back inside cover, and the back cover page)

Camera-ready Full Color Copy of Ad
Your ad copy should be emailed to the TAA office (taa@belmont.edu) in one of the following digital formats: pdf; jpg (at 300 dpi); or as an eps file.

Purchase Information
Please fill out the Ad Contract below by downloading the fillable form which can be emailed to taa@belmont.edu.  You may then purchase your ad online by clicking the purchase button below or mail a check with the fillable form to the TAA office. Please see the payment and mailing instructions on the contract. The advertising deadline is May 10th.

The generous support provided by the ad revenue in the TAA Program Book helps the Academy maintain the highest standard of quality throughout all sessions. Feel free to contact the Academy office at (615) 460-5451 or email at taa@belmont.edu if you have questions or need further information.

Tennessee Arts Academy • Tennessee Arts Academy Foundation
615-460-5451 • 1900 Belmont Blvd. • Nashville, TN 37212 • taa@belmont.edu